Thursday, April 19, 2018

After 'blue whale' bike racing game 'iron butt challenge' becomes killer

Representatives of devil are introducing more and more attractive and irresistible games and challenges to trap and destroy many lives particularly that of the young ones. The day before it was 'slender man', yesterday it was 'blue whale' and today it is in a different and appealing form known as 'iron butt'. The dangerous effects of this new challenge caught public attention following the sad demise of a Kerala engineering student Mithun Lal who met with an accident and lost his life while fulfilling a bike race challenge that required him to cover a distance of more than 1000 kilometers within 24 hours. Even though iron butt bike riding challenge is from US based iba (iron butt association) and it appears in a different style, there is no doubt it is an  appliance of the evil forces to ruin the human lives. Fulfilling such challenges may be possible in their countries, but in India we need to consider many other factors also like the conditions of our roads, traffic system, population, safety precautions etc. One should not forget that more than 1000 precious lives are lost and many are badly injured (mostly youngsters) in bike accidents alone every year in Kerala state of India.

Bike racers and adventure lovers may differ to the views posted in this article. But any challenges that demand youngsters to perform at the risk of their lives, is from the destroyer. If one just crosses the age of 18, he/she may be politically an adult, but to take an important decision in life or to assess and find out what is good and what is bad or to observe the virtue of abstaining or restraining with self-control from doing things that are harmful and dangerous, this age is still  immature in the case of most Indian youth.

There is much difference with the mentalities of the youth of our country and other countries. In some countries like America, a boy or girl of 20-years is totally self sufficient and becomes capable of taking decisions pertaining to self including education, career and marriage. But in India, most the youth of the same age depend on the family. Moreover, most children in the teenage and youth period develop a tendency to indulge in some rare activities (usually forbidden by the society) or perform some adventurous tasks. It is during this period they become drug addicts and alcoholics. That is why politicians and political parties use the youth to involve in fighting, arsen and violence for their selfish gains.

Though all the above mentioned new games (like online video games) are destructive, Iron Butt bike race challenge is more dangerous than blue whale. While blue whale forces the player to commit suicide, iron butt not only kills the players but also kills other innocent pedestrians and travellers as a result of the rash driving. 

It is proved scientifically that playing video games makes a child more violent and reduces his/her ability to concentrate on other things. Children who spend more time on internet and mobile phone also become selfish and disobedient. They show lack of interest in studies and career. Hence these inventions are used by devil as the easiest tools to spoil the young generation.

Parents, teachers, elders and all responsible people are requested to warn and keep our youth from excessive use of internet, online / mobile games, facebook, whatsapp and all such satanic tools.

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