Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cooking Gas cylinder capping to six/year - A big blow to the common man.

The recent move by the central government to cap the number of subsidized cooking gas cylinders to the families at six a year is considered as a great blow on the poor common man.

Though some political parties raised their voices against this move for some time, it appears as they have left all the agitations. Because no one in any political party in India is facing the practical difficulties and miseries faced by the aam aadmi, the common poor man, whom all circle worship during the election seasons only...!

Some political leaders suggested ... one gas cylinder is sufficient for two months for an average family of four members...!

The one who said this statement should try it in his/her house and find out for how many days one family of four can use a cylinder of gas...!

The article by India's popular management guru Arindham chowdary in a leading news paper stating the misuse of subsidised gas cylinders by top leaders of the country including the vice President was shocking.

Most rules and decisions of the governments are affecting the poor common man only. The rich are not worried about the increasing cost of commodities and other things day by day. But the average common man who is struggling to make both the ends meet ... finds all these as the last straw on the camel's back.

People who are at the top must remember that always they cannot keep the people suppressed with their 'reforms'...!

Dear Governments, please shun the anti-people policies taken by you and come to the support of the people who voted for you and elected you to rule happily, peacefully and securely...!!!

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  1. The capping on Cooking gas must be lifted and at least 10 subsidized cylinders should be given to each family of four...!


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