Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Kerala DGP TP Senkumar issues first People-friendly Circular

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'Where there is a will, there is a way'. Many officials who adorned the chair of the Director General of Police in Kerala are deleted from the minds of the people as they have implemented nothing noteworthy . Some other former officials got involved in corruption scams and showed partiality while on this chair thinking that this chair which is the most powerful one in the state will be permanent for them.

The new DGP of Kerala T P Senkumar who assumed charge as the DGP of the state just a couple of days ago has increased the hope of the people with his very first people-friendly circular with strict guidelines to the police personal in the state while carrying out the vehicle checking.

By issuing such a circular to his police force in the state, T P Senkumar has become a hero not only among the people, but also among all his sincere and duty-minded personnel in the police department. Even if some corrupt and high-handed officials oppose this initiative and not co-operate with such moves that paves way for the well-being and development of the people, the people will identify them and reject them.

The 'police' in most states of India unfortunately are not aware of their duties and responsibilities. Many people once manage to secure a selection in the department think that it is an opportunity for them to 'use force' on others and show their might which is normally an outcome of their  inferiority  complex. The very purpose of the police department is to render safety and security to the lives and properties of the people who are their real boss.

If the initiative of the new DGP giving strict guidelines to his police personal through the circular to behave respectfully with the people behind the wheels while conducting vehicle checking and address them as 'Sir', 'friend', 'Madam', 'sister' etc is implemented strictly and scrupulously, it will be a revolution that will definitely be followed by the good police officers in the other states also. With the release of this circular alone, DGP T P Senkuamr has won the  appreciation of many people in the state.

Anyhow the common people of the state are happy with the appointment of Sincere and Courageous Officers like T P Senkumar (who once scolded and manhandled an Inspector in public for not tackling some campus related issues amicably) and are expecting more reforms in the days to come, without becoming a tool in the hands of the corrupt politicians and face allegations of corruption like his predecessor K S Balasubramaniam.

Best wishes to the new DGP Senkumar to bring name, fame and proper meaning to the post which he is holding...!

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