Saturday, September 30, 2017

Vengara by-election 2017. List of Candidates: The winner is...

As the countdown for the Vengara by elections scheduled  to be held on October 11 is nearing, all the parties concerned are holding hectic electioneering and making special strategies, as the political scene this time is bit different from the earlier ones. Vengara Assembly Constituency in Malappuram District of Kerala used to be one of the surest forts of Indian Union Muslim League which is the strongest part of the UDF. But this time as there is a rebel candidate for the IUML who claims to be capable of dividing the voter bank and defeating the official candidate.

The Final List of Contestants after the last date of withdrawal of Nominations:

1. K.N.A Khader (Muslim League) UDF

2. P.P. Basheer   LDF

3. K. Jayachandran  BJP

4. K.C Naseer   SDPI

5. K. Hamsa  IND

As it is a matter of prestige for the ruling LDF and the incumbent UDF to win the seat, it is the desire of the BJP also to increase their vote share to  understand the graph of their growth in Kerala. 

Muslim League is also little worried of the rebels who dared to raise their voice against the leadership in choosing the candidate. If they happen to lose in Vengara, it will be too much for them and the UDF to bear!

The ultimate winner will be decided on the day of the counting of votes. Until the voting is completed anything can happen..!

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