Friday, May 10, 2019

Best and long lasting gray/white hair Blackening Shampoo is BSY?

Graying of hair is a natural part of life. The Holy Bible says 'Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a righteous life' (Prov. 16:31). It is considered that a person attains maturity and wisdom after reaching certain age in life. An article published by British dermatologists after holding number of experiments state that "by the age of fifty, 50% of the world’s population has at least 50% gray hair". Indian peoples' hair normally starts to turn gray after 40. But thanks to various reasons, graying of hair is found even in youngsters these days. Stress, fast-food culture, side effects of medicines, vitamin deficiencies,  adverse actions of drugs/smoking, genetic reasons etc are found to be some reasons for turning black hair into white in a premature time IE before attaining age 40.

Even though everyone knows that graying of hair is a natural phenomenon while reaching middle-age, most people are not willing to welcome the emergence of  white hair on their heads warmly. So they look for easy, fast and low expensive means to cover their white hair. Hence most people depended upon black hair-dyes introduced by many companies. Most of these dyes even though gave a temporary cover for the white hair which was less at the first time, helped in spreading the graying process very quickly.

Finding that applying and washing hair dyes is little difficult, some companies introduced 'hair colour shampoos' to minimize the trouble. So most people who have been using hair dyes to cover their gray hair regularly have started to switch over to 'blackening shampoos' as using shampoos are comparatively easier and it require less time. But most of the hair colour shampoos do not work as advertised. Some widely publicized brands are found to be less effective in complete covering and lasts only for about a week.

BSY NONI Black Hair Magic is a novel international brand marketed by PRIIS trading company in India. According to the manufactures and marketers claim this black coloring shampoo contains Noni essence which is stated to be very good for the growth and health of the hair. They also claim that it does not contain any harmful ingredients like ammonia. 

People who used BSY Noni Black hair magic opine that it is better than the presently available brands in the markets that are surviving on publicity alone. It lasts for more than 3 weeks for a person who washes head daily and for one month for persons who wash head on alternative days. Most people who are satisfied with the product are of the opinion that it will conquer the market provided the marketers reduce the price in par with its competitor as most of the consumers of BSY noni black hair magic are average persons who cannot afford to buy and use proven advanced western products.

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