Thursday, April 11, 2019

General Elections 2019 Commenced, Who will rule India next?

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As elections to the 17th Indian Parliament officially starts today with first phase of voting to the 91 lok sabha constituencies, anxiety, distress and fear are gripping the majority of the countrymen who are economically, socially and politically concerned. Which party will win more number of seats and who will become the next prime minister of India? The rapid heart beat of most Indians were loud and audible like drum sound during the past 5 years when the great constitution and all the institutions of India were in a highly dangerous situation and the mother India was helplessly weeping under the dictatorship of Narendra Modi - Amit Shah trio.

The present free India is the result of the great sacrifices made by many great selfless souls. Numerous people across the length and breadth of the country had given up their comfort, property, valuables and even lives for the sake of the country and its people. They belonged to different religions and castes. They hailed from different regions of the land. Even some foreigners contributed greatly in India's freedom struggle by participating, guiding and backing our fights for independence.

The free India in 1947 was not in the present state. There were many monstrous challenges in front of infant India. But thanks to the efficiency, sincerity, dedication and honesty of our great former heroes, the country could solve all the problems one by one and emerge as one of the most developed super powers of the world. Today India - the largest democracy in the world - is second to none in most fields. All the former prime ministers and their governments until 2014 deserve heartfelt gratitude and respect for their valuable contributions from each and every person who loves the country.

But the BJP government that formed in 2014 with huge promises with Narendra Modi as the prime minister, has proved as a disastrous one for the country and utterly disappointed the people of the country. As Modi had a different agenda to fulfill at the cost of the country's future, many of his implementations affected the country adversely. However Modi repeatedly claimed and widely advertised that the present development of the country is a result of his personal work even though the fact is that it is the fruit of the efforts of the previous visionaries.

Modi's rule in India is considered by most people as a dark age. Modi is accused of trying to make India 'a Republic of hate'. Modi is termed as a 'prime minister of intolerance' by the international community. 

India's prime minister Narendra Modi is a talented demagogue who can deliver attractive speeches and easily deceive and manipulate innocent people. His special 'selling' skill is applied in false self promotion and mean publicity. There are apparently a group of big sharks behind him (who are hugely benefited by his monstrous scams) to run his publicity campaigns.

Even though the majority of people in the country are against Modi's BJP coming to power again, people are of the opinion that Modi and group will exploit the present political situation prevailing in the country and use all their resources to regain power. The world has been witnessing how Modi is using all the top institutions in India to scare and make his criticizers shut their mouths. People believe that Narendra Modi has been blackmailing even top autonomous institutions and even the judiciary to act in his favor. Moreover Modi and Amith Shah have a special skill to buy MPs at huge price or secure them by hook or crook in the event of winning less seats. Narendra Modi also knows well that he will have to pay heavily for all his wrong-doings and hidden scams if some other party forms government in 2019.

So people are of the opinion that Modi only will become the prime minister again in 2019 as he is a master in exploiting and manipulating things...!


  1. Your writing clearly shows that you are a Modi hater. Moreoever, you are belongs to a group one is ready to occupy the old culture and destroy it. No problem we are here to save our nation.

  2. Even vvpat machines are manipulated. No hope for india. The dark age is gonna be long. India will be Somalia soon.

  3. Hope all is well :-) ooops lol now I am following you. I forgot to click follow


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