Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Congress in Kerala digs own grave by playing dirty Group war

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The dirty and shameless group war in the Congress Party in Kerala has emerged once again after a small nap. The group leaders have once again proved that the interest of the party or the people or the nation are not above their groups. Whether their candidates win or lose, they are adamant in their stance and refuse to budge even an inch.

The people of Kerala (particularly the average ones without any political inclination) are 'between the devil and the deep sea'! On one side they are witnessing a government which keeps a closed eye on the growing number of violence and goondaism by their party men and activists even under their nose. People are fed up with the way how the CPM activists and sympathizers are doing in the state since they came to power 1000 days ago. 

Young students beating their teachers, college students disrespecting their principal, youth activists manhandling police officers in public, top officers being served warnings for entering their party office in search of hiding criminals (on tip off), coldblooded political murders, land scams, police being made helpless in various cases where CPI (M) people are involved, etc are some of the kind of news one hears in Kerala the present-days. 

Even though the present LDF government accounted for lesser corruption compared to the previous UDF government, they cannot be given clean chit as 'corruption-free' as they tried for the huge distillery and brewery scam which the UDF unearthed and foiled. They also tried their best to protect all the leaders like ex Minister Thomas Chandy and Devikulam MLA S Rajendran who were caught red-handed in land encroachment cases.

Though most people consider that the Communist parties are more secular in nature, the Kerala government's recent stand on matters related to faith issues like 'Sabarimala', not contemning or withdrawing the controversial article  published about 'Confession' in Vijnana Kairali, intention to implement 'Church Bill' etc has been distancing them from the faithful.

Whom to choose and cast vote for in this election? It is a big question for the normal Malayali voter, as those who already have some political affiliations will vote for their parties and candidates...! But the deciding factor normally is vested with the non-partisan voters. If parties and candidates remember it, it will be good.


  1. Group fight and disunity are the main enemies of Congress party. Whereas BJP and CPI(M) members have fear for the leadership though the leaders (PM Modi and CM Pinarayi) are termed as dictators.
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  2. Do hope all the voters cast their vote and let their choice be known. If they don't like any candidate, the NOTA option is there.
    Sad to see the low turnout in many places... Citizens must honour their vote & take ownership & responsibility towards nation.

  3. It seems the confusion is only in your mind. The high percentage of voting is proof that the Malayalees are claer as to what they want to do!


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