Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Jose K Mani's arrogance to damage own dad, party and UDF

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The announcement of the Kerala Congress (M) party chairman K M Mani to field Thomas Chazhikkadan as the UDF candidate for the Kottayam Lok Sabha seat has not only disappointed the Joseph group in the party but also the entire political scenario in the state. Despite the party's working president P J Joseph beseeching the party and front for the seat for quite long, after making to wait for a long time KC (M) chairman made an official announcement in this regard last night preferring Thomas Chazhikkadan (who lost in Ettumanur constituency during the previous Assembly elections) to veteran and clean politician P J Joseph to contest from Kottayam lok sabha constituency, according to the conspiracy of the Jose K Mani faction. 

This announcement was a brutal blow, humiliation and insult to P J Joseph and his K C (J) group without any doubt; at the same time, it has degraded the already damaged image of Kerala Congress (M) party in general and Jose K Mani in particular which has been facing controversial accusations. It has also created a wave of sympathy and goodwill for P J Joseph from all corners and people. 

At a very critical time when all the concerned citizens of the country are considering the on going Lok Sabha elections very crucial, it is considered as quite irresponsible for a member of parliament like Jose K Mani to behave selfishly and arrogantly. People of Kottayam lok sabha constituency are already a bit angry with their elected MP Jose K Mani for resigning to the parliament membership before the completion of the term to grab a Rajya Sabha membership.

All people are waiting eagerly to see "everything will end smoothly", as P J Joseph has been chanting all these days.

vinash kale vipreet buddhi ....

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